Scien Pharmaceuticals

Dedicated regulatory division catering for pharmaceutical as well as medical device registration. Our regulatory department submits product dossiers submission to both the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) as well as the Gulf Health Council representing the Gulf Cooperation Council States.

  • Collaborating with multinational partners for Saudi and other GCC
  • Leading supplier of nonregistered pharmaceuticals.
  • Integrated support staff from regulatory submissions to marketing and sales.
  • Strong and dedicated leadership team with over than 100 years pharmaceutical experience.


Blood Pressure Guide:

Blood Pressure Guidelines
Normal 120/80 to 129/84
High Normal 130/85 to 139/89
Mild Hypertension 140/90 to 159/99
Mod Hypertension 160/100 to 179/109
Severe Hypertension 180/100
Cholesterol Values:
Cholesterol Lipid Levels Measurement to aim for:
Total cholesterol Below 5.0
LDL cholesterol Below 3.0
HDL cholesterol (women) Above 1.2
HDL cholesterol (men) Above 1.0
Triglycerides Below 1.7