About Scien

scienpharma is a subsidiary of the Thunayyan Holding Group. The Thunayyan Holding Group has a diversified business interest from construction, to education, to petrochemical and trading in building materials to healthcare. The group currently comprises of sixteen companies of varying sizes managed and run independently.

scienpharma is headquartered in Riyadh with the main warehouse located in the industrial sector in Riyadh, with branch offices in Jeddah and Khobar. Scienpharma is a diversified healthcare company with interest in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies and Equipment as well as Ambulatory and Emergency Medicine complemented by an efficient regulatory and logistic team as well as a professional sales force supported by a dedicated marketing and administration group.

scienpharma has been a significant player in the Saudi healthcare arena supplying pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment as well as ambulances to all government hospitals and institutions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

President Message

Incorporating a successful business venture is a lawful goal. After all, building earth is the main goal of our existence. However, one should always keep in mind that the ultimate success is to be useful to the community as much as he is to himself. The companies that are under our umbrella vary between Industrial, Commercial and service sectors. In service sector we are into construction, education and medical supplies. In industry we are in chemical, petrochemical, and steel. In commercial sector we are in trading of building materials, military equipment. In total, our group consists of over 16 companies in different sizes.

Sheikh Fahad Al-Thunayyan

Chairman and President

Principal and CEO Message

SCIENTIFIC PHARMA today is witnessing a revolution of its own kind, triggered by the desire of its Employees, Executives and Board Members to transition SCIENTIFIC into one of the leaders in the Healthcare Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the broader Gulf region.. We believe that the foundation for the turnaround we seek is the strong set of core values that we adhere to. Values such as Commitment, Innovation, Creativity, Transparency and Teamwork..

Sheikh Saleh Abdullah AlRasheed

Principal and CEO

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